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Bespoke Digital Displays

At Black Cat Displays, we design, manufacture and test all our touchscreens in-house at our factory in Reading. We provide on-going support during the lifespan of our custom touchscreen displays.

Whether it's for a museum, gallery or flight simulator, Black Cat Displays can help produce bespoke touchscreen displays to your exact specification. The type of displays featured below are often fitted behind museum set-works by AV companies, but we also have a large number of custom units installed in flight simulators and military control centres.

Bespoke touchscreen displays offer special features not available from an off the shelf product. Features include:

  • no front-mounted buttons
  • dim to black
  • ultra-wide viewing angles
  • control over Ethernet

This helps us to produce a product that is a custom display and is built to suit individual specifications.

Contact us for more information on how we can help you with your bespoke display.

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