The Story behind Black Cat Displays

Black Cat Displays was founded by Bob Winsor and Brian Fry in 2007 after years of experience and expertise in touch screen repair and bespoke digital displays.

We work with you to give you exactly what your company needs in a touch screen and kiosk solution. Whether that be in digital signage, bespoke digital displays or multitouch screen displays.

Black Cat Displays  focus on all aspects of design, build and installation for kiosks and touchscreen displays, as well as providing repairs, refurbishments, servicing and support.  We aim to deliver shop-bought ease whilst being completely made to measure, and designed to your specific digital display requirements.

We've supplied an array of touch screens and kiosks for museums, flight simulators and places of worship, to name a few. Learn more about our completed projects in our case studies.

And we know you're wondering - how did we come up with the name Black Cat Displays? It’s as simple! Both Bob and Brian own black cats! As folklore says, a black cat walking towards you brings good fortune, and with that statement, we've made it our mission is to bring you the best service we can.

To find out how we can work with you on all your touchscreen integrations, display kiosk screen repairs and bespoke displays, get in contact.

Case Study

Natural History Museum

Case Study

Science Museum Medicine Gallery

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