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Correct Touchscreen Care

All touchscreen technologies are surprisingly rugged and need little care - apart from a good clean. This is largely due to the glass the technology is mounted on.

  • Surface Wave is very durable and can be scratched without affecting performance. It is hard as the glass it sits on.
  • Resistive has good chemical resistance ad can be scratched but will continue to work.
  • Surface capacitive has good chemical resistance deep abrasion will operation.
  • Projected capacitive is very durable with the sensor on the back of glass it is as tough as the glass. 

Black Cat Displays can provide projective capacitive on vandal resistant glass, which adds to the no wear out surface of the glass.

Cleaning has always been important, but more than ever now. There isn't much that harms touchscreens, apart from excessive dowsing, so we recommend using glass cleaner sprayed on a lint-free cloth and a good wipe down on the touchscreen.

Disinfecting the screen with Isopropyl alcohol (≤ 70% alcohol) is effective but it may easier to use disinfecting wipes.

Before any cleaning, it is important to make sure:

  • The touchscreen monitor is turned off 
  • Dust wiped off with a lint-free cloth
  • Cleaned with a new lint-free cloth, dampened where needed
  • Let to dry before powering back up

Before disinfecting follow the steps above and after cleaning use a disinfecting wipe and let to dry before powering back up.