Flight Training & Simulation

Black Cat Displays have worked with Flight Training and Simulation facilities for many years, from the early days of bulky high end 20” cathode ray tube monitors with touchscreens, to modern day technology with liquid crystal displays with advanced projected capacitive touchscreens.

Our expertise has allowed customers to receive fit form function drop in replacements for displays that are obsolete and many times in excess of fifteen years old. We have even replaced Cathode ray tube rack mount touch monitors with drop in LCD touch monitors on site in full flight simulators. 

All design and prototyping takes place in our factory.

Black Cat Displays provide the following services:

  • Consultation
  • Design
  • Prototyping
  • Build 
  • Repair
  • Replace and Refurbishment

We have been involved in small, medium and large projects with:

  • Thales - Ground based trainers, NVG/NVIS touchscreens and small aircraft instrumentation displays
  • L3 Harris - Ground based trainers, Instructor consoles on full flight simulators, 787 21.3” touchscreen replacements, and 15.4” touchscreen multiTouch mapping displays
  • Quadrant - 757 instructor console CRT replacement
  • Boeing - 787 21.3” repairs and replacements, 20.1” repairs and replacements and 24” repairs and replacements

Black Cat Displays services don't stop once we have delivered our product, we pride ourselves with excellent after sales support, through the life of the products.

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