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LCD Displays vs LED Displays

A few years, ago televisions were heavily marketed as LED TVs, which stretch things a little, as more correctly, they should have been sold as LED-backlit TVs.

How does this apply to displays? Well, it's the same.

The LED backlight is a replacement for the older, cold cathode fluorescent tube backlighting. Both are used to illuminate the LCD element of the screen, which without, would be near invisible.

      CCFL tube                                                            LED Backlight

There are many advantages to LED backlights, including:

  • Longer life
  • Lower power
  • Less loss of brightness (mid-life)
  • Mercury-free
  • Low voltage

The LED-backlit panel will provide a colder image than CCFL, but this can be compensated for, so really no disadvantage.

Pure LED displays are now available in larger sizes, mostly video walls used for events and some OLED TVs. No backlights here and the smaller the pitch of the LED’s the better the image.

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