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Donation Terminals with Attract Displays

The contactless revolution has opened up a whole new way of donating, meaning it can sometimes be 24 hours a day. It has the advantage of being a standalone terminal without the need for staffing and can even be located behind glass making it secure and vandal resistant.

In museums and galleries, contactless can be used alongside money bins and more traditional ways of donating.

Black Cat Displays have installed a donation terminal in the National Museum of Scotland, Roman Baths and Addenbrooke's Hospital. The housings for the contactless unit have all taken different shapes and sizes.

  • National Museum of Scotland 46 inch freestanding unit with attractor video
  • Roman Baths wooden pod with attract display above
  • Addenbrookes wall mounted advertising display with attractor slides
Looking for Contactless Donation Terminal?

Black Cat Displays like to design around the location to make a bespoke display, taking input from the customer and not just supply a one fits all solution.